Eclect is a merge of Egyptian Heritage and Contemporary Industrial Architecture. The Dome Architecture in the heart of Old Cairo is the core of this collection. It is emphasized by the heel part of the shoes and the silhouette of the bag. The heel is an abstraction of the conventional dome and its perforations present in countless buildings in Cairo. Additional stainless steel reinforcements are installed representing the modern-day aesthetic. The shoes come in two different heel heights Steeletto 100 which is 10 cm and Dome 70 in 7 cm. The bag silhouette is derived from the traditional shape of a dome. With the addition of more geometric elements to the bag and a detachable chain the Vault bag is created. Eclect’s colours are the essential Red, Black and Nude to match the versatility of the modern day woman. It combines several eclectic features of culture, structural design & durable functionality in a new fashion, hence the name Eclect; The mixture of diverse tastes and styles in a piece. It is a blend of Old & New resulting in a variation of classic high heels and handbags that scream Industrial Chic.


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