Jayda Hany x United Nations – International Organization For Migration ( IOM )

Give a little, help a lot.

“Staying at home” during this COVID-19 pandemic is highly encouraged yet it’s a privilege to some. So many families do not have a roof above their heads or food on their tables during the holy month of Ramadan. Thousands of individuals in our region – migrants, internally displaced persons, refugees and citizens- are struggling to survive and to keep themselves and their families safe.

In collaboration with IOM UN Migration, we are holding a design competition to raise donations to support those in need and to provide life-saving services. The winning design will be manufactured and with every pair sold, 15% of the revenue will be donated to IOM.

Join the competition and get the chance to use your time at home to explore your design skills & help those in need.

How the competition works:

1- Download the PDF Mules Template
2- Come up with a Mules design related to the theme Migration
3- Your design can either be hand sketched then scanned, digitally sketched, collage or whatever other tool you are comfortable with.
4- You can change the design lines of the upper, you do not have to stick to the lines on the template, they are just guidelines.
5- You can not change the heel height or the heel shape.
6- You can have the toe shape either pointy toe or open pointy toe
7- You can add a print, embroidery, calligraphy, embellishment… etc
8- You can add material labelling
9- Email your design to competition@jaydahany.com in JPEG format
10- Winner is announced on Date missing

The winner gets to:

1- Contribute to the cause with every pair sold, 15% of the revenue is donated to IOM
2- Be shouted out on all our social media platforms
3- Have their design produced in their name
4- Own their free pair

Why Support IOM?

For nearly seven decade years, the International Organization for Migration has worked tirelessly with partners in the international community to uphold the well-being and human rights of migrants.

IOM missions in the field provide crucial support to vulnerable populations through distribution of food, medicine, and emergency kits; and provision of shelter, non-food items, and health care. IOM also facilitates emergency employment, community rehabilitation, family reunification and cultural integration of migrants.

Your donation will help IOM save lives by provide lifesaving assistance wherever and whenever it’s needed the most.