Jayda Hany

Jayda Hany

Having always been passionate about creative disciplines, Jayda Hany studied Architectural Engineering at the American University in Cairo and graduated with a bachelor degree in 2012. Moving to London shortly after her graduation, she enrolled in London College of Fashion for footwear design, BA level in 2013. Before completing her first year of BA footwear design, Jayda was encouraged by several teachers to apply for the MA level for her advanced technical design abilities. In 2015, she successfully finished her Masters project collection and launched her brand, Jayda Hany.

Jayda Hany stands for Breaking free from the standard norms dictated by others. It strives to create a sense of individuality and honouring the consumer’s intelligence by providing them with transparency in regards to product components, which entails the brand to focus on structure as part of the design as well as the practicality of the products.

Jayda believes that It is imperative to keep an open mind as to how the designer’s role in the fashion industry has changed over the past years to hone the ability of making use of the contemporary technology as a tool surrounding us everyday to facilitate the making process. The brand presents a balance between hand crafted making techniques and the usage of advanced 3D technology.

“I have always viewed a shoe as a mobile structure that is carrying the human body. I noticed the strong relationship between my past profession as an architect, footwear and fashion as a whole. Consequently, I developed my personal interest as a designer in clarity and constructivism. I always emphasise on the detailing of assembly and connections . I generated my identity as a futuristic designer who has an eye for structure and respect for the traditional making techniques”[/lab_scroll_box]